Saturday, July 12, 2008

Knife Related Acronyms and Terms

Knife RelatedBlade Shapes:

Clip Point - a drop point with a cut-out at the tip resulting in a sharper point, e.g. bowie, Buck 110
Dagger - a blade made for piercing usually having two sharp edges that comes to a very thin point.
Drop point - traditional blade type with sloped spine and/or sloped edgeHawkbill: Blade with a downward curving tip, like a claw.
Rescue: Blade with a totally blunted tip, designed to cut seatbelts or clothing in an emergency situation without harming a victim.
Reverse S: Blade with two curves which make a backward "S"Sheepsfoot - a blade with a straight edge and a curved spine that meets the edge so that there is no point.
Tanto - blade type with two straight front edges, chisel point, traditional Japanese sword blade style
Wharncliffe - blade type with one straight front edge and arched back

Carry Positions:

IBL: Inside belt loop
IWB: Inside waist band
LB: Left back pocket
LF: Left front pocket
RB: Right back pocket
RF: Right front pocket
SOB: Small of backEdges
CE: Combination edge.
PE: Plain edge
SE: Serrated edge

Handle Materials :

CF: Carbon fiber
FRN: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
G-10: Woven fiberglass in an epoxy. Very strong
Micarta: Layers of fabric in phenolic resin
SS: Stainless steel

Other Knife Terms:

AO - assisted opening
BM – Benchmade
DA - double action, auto open and auto close (e.g. MT UTX70)
Flipper - a protrusion on the spine of the blade that allows the knife blade to be deployed with a simple push of the index finger.
HAK - HideAway Knife
LM - Leatherman
MOP - mother of pearl
MT - Microtech
NKP - non-knife person
OAL - overall length
OTF - out the front (e.g. MT UTX70)
SAK - Swiss Army Knife
Wave – blade spine shape that catches the top of the pocket and opens the blade as it is drawn

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